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Playing golf on Lake Garda is an extraordinary experience for every golf player. The mild, gentle climate of Lake Garda permits golfing all year round. The 18-Holes Champion's Course is surrounded by olive groves and cypresses and offers, from some holes, a stunning view over Lake Garda to the golfer. Eastwards, you see the rolling forelands of Monte Baldo. The course is embedded in beautiful nature and its 600 metres altitude make it most challenging even for experienced golf players.

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi by car :  13 minutes - 6,9 km.


The Lake Garda is a genuine paradise made up of paved roads, lanes, dirt paths, and trails that wind up the slopes of the beautiful mountains or disappear amidst the vineyards and olive groves. A classic tour of the “Riviera degli Olivi” travelling on the old roads that once connected Garda, Torri del Benaco, Albisano and Crero; along ancient stones d limestone where there are ancient stone carvings.


The northern part of the lake is the best place for those who like windsurfing or who want to learn the secrets of this sport. There are windsurf centres along the lakeshores that organise national and international events and courses for adults and children.


Walking in the great outdoors is the simplest and most effective way to relax your body and mind. A panoramic excursions towards a lake or in the mountains, near Villa Olivi;

strenuous climb to a famous peak; It just takes one hour, one day, or one week, depending on the available time and training.


Lake Garda, which is 346 metres deep, is of glacial origin and features some interesting rock formations on its bed. Real treasures are to be found on Lake Garda bed, such as old galleys from the time of the Venetian Republic and warships.There are suggestive scuba-diving opportunities along vertical walls plunging to a depth of 200 metres.


For a spectacular view over Lake Garda there is nothing to beat a ride on the Malcesine cableway, which rises to 1600 m in just ten minutes and reaches an altitude of 1760 m at the top of Monte Baldo.

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi by Car : 

29 minutes - 21 km.

Things to Do & See while on Lake Garda

Take advantage of our central location and go for a Tour.

Torri is a great starting point for daily trips around the lake

and to nearby art cities such as Verona, Venice, Mantua.

In addition, in the surrounding countryside, walkers and mountain bike enthusiasts have a wide variety of charming paths and routes to choose from.


An ideal place for regattas accessible all year. It is always possible to go sailing on Lake Garda because of its constant winds: the Ora, which blows from south to north from late in the morning to late in the afternoon and the Pelér that blows from north to south from early in the morning to noon. This steady and punctual flow of air is the driving force behind sailing events of high standard organised on the lake.

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi by car :  4 minutes - 900 mt.


Lake Garda is also very famous for extra virgin olive oil production.Visit the Olive Groves and Oil Mill & Oil Tasting Guide Tours at the most award wining Olive Farm located here at Torri del Benaco, Just a few metres from Villa Olivi: Paolo Bonomelli Azienda Agricola - Ca’Rainene extravergine Olive Oils. Tell us your plans and we will be happy to make a reservation with an special offer for you. The Olive oil tours run all year round and they are available starting from just 1 participant, to small groups of 12-14 people.

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi :  2 minutes  walk - 50 mt.


is the Number 1 Amusement Park in Italy, the one with the longest history and one of the most important ones at a European Level. In 2005, the prestigious American magazine Forbes placed Gardaland Park at the fifth place among the best amusement parks in the world! The great variety of attractions and shows is able to satisfy a truly diversified crowd: from early childhood to adolescence all the way to third age, from groups of teenagers to families. visit the website


SEA LIFE aquariums is a fantastic family attractions with stunning marine habitats and displays.Get ready for astonishingly up close views of extraordinary creatures such as colourful starfish, mysterious sharks, fascinating seahorses and graceful rays. To get any closer you’ll have to get wet!

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi by Car :  35 minutes - 22,5 km.


Canevaworld contains two fun parks (Movieland Studios and AquaParadise), two theme restaurants (Medieval Times and Rock Star Café) and the Night Festival for an evening of music. Italy’s largest water and show park. The impression it gives is that of an enchanted island, abounding in palm trees, white sand beaches, sparkling lagoons, rapids and waterfalls. Medieval Times The first "dinner show" in Italy, a restaurant where guests are served dinner as they watch a real medieval jousting tournament.

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi by Car :  30 minutes - 20 km.


It covers about 40 hectares of land and is a natural zoological garden which is home to some 1.500 specimens belonging to over 250 wild species. The Park is divided into two main areas to visit: the Safari Park, in which the visitor stays in his vehicle, and the Fauna Park, which is for pedestrians only.

visit the website

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi by Car :  36 minutes - 23 km.

TORRI DEL BENACO - The Scaliger Castle - The Harbour

There is a magnificent view from the battlements over the little harbour and ancient roofs of Torri, as wellas almost the whole of the Lake. The present castle at Torri del Benaco was built on the orders of Antonio della Scala in 1383 on the ruins of a previous one, dating back to the Xth century. Facing the south wall of the castle is one of the few remaining groves for citrus fruit still in use on Garda.

MARKET DAY is Monday morning & The Antique market (summer) during Wednesday evenings.

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi :  10 minutes walk - 900 mt  - 4 minutes by car.


Torri del Benaco is connected to the Brescia Riviera (Maderno) through a ferryboat service (with auto transport).You can catch a ferry at Torri del Benaco downtown to visit the most beautiful towns on the Lake.

Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi :  10 minutes walk - 900 mt  - 4 minutes by car.


Plan a visit of Verona. : Italy's beautiful medieval gem where all roads lead to Romeo & Juliet. The Arena, a spectacular Roman amphitheatre -If you can, plan your trip during the Opera season and see a performance in the Arena- Start your city tour in Piazza Bra, a vast square edged with cafes,walk along Via Giuseppe Mazzini and head north to the 14th Century Castelvecchio.

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Estimated time & distance from Villa Olivi by Car :  48 minutes - 44 km.

VITTORIALE (The shrine of Italian victories)

Visit the famous Il Vittoriale museum, a hillside estate in Gardone .It is where the Italian writer Gabriele d'Annunzio lived after his defenestration in 1922 until his death in 1938.take the ferry at Torri del Benaco  and stop at Gardone.Closed on Monday.  

Estimated distance from Villa Olivi - by ferry + car: 30 minutes + 10 minutes.


Torri del Benaco, was an ancient fortified city as its Roman name Castrum Turrium reveals. In the 16th century it became the seat of the Benacense Council (which gathered the representatives of the 18 principal Lake communes), and in the 14th century it was the chief town of "Gardesana".
In 1388 Scaligeri erected a castle above the port with three towers a high battlements which is now a museum. Next to this are the period style houses and the Church Santissima Trinita' with its 15th century frescoes. At the end of the town is the late mediaeval tower of Berengario. .

Torri del Benaco is also noted for its red (ammonilitico) and yellow (ammonitico) marble quarries.

Passed these localities the towns thin out along the coast before cropping up again primarily along the slopes of Mount Baldo. 

BEACH: Sbocco Valle Randina

BEACH: Baia dei Pini

Punta San Vigilio - Parco Baia delle Sirene Distance: 5 km ( 8 min by Car)

Mermaid Bay is a private beach area on the shore of beautiful San Vigilio (between Garda and Torri). Ideal for families on a hot summer’s day, you can swim and sunbathe while children enjoy play areas and activities. It’s well worth staying here into the early evening not only to get your money’s worth – the sunset over the lake and mountains is unforgettable.Places to get refreshments. Parco Baia delle Sirene Località San Vigilio  Garda - Verona -Italia  

JUNGLE ADVENTURE PARK in San Zeno di Montagna.  Distance: 9,7 km (22 min by Car)

f swinging through the trees like Tarzan sounds appealing, this is the place for you! Here you can swing from tree to tree attached to safety harnesses and really release your adventurous side. Jungle Park has a different “paths” for both children and extreme adrenaline junkies. The instructors are friendly and professional. There is a sitting area where you can picnic. If this is you first time you will have to start from the easiest course and work your way up... the green comes first...then blue.Particular attention is paid to 'mandatory rules of safety. 

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